Monday, 30 July 2012

White Riot

Last weekend a group of us from the bakery had an all white dinner party.
This came to be as Caroline from the butcher, the baker and the tea towel maker went to a party and no one ate her food!  I have much trouble fathoming this as I'm the first one at the bakery to try and sneak any of the delicious off cuts of baked goods she produces, also making my running and cycling a necessity to prevent me turning into a brownie, cannoli or chocolate and custard brioche (so amazing straight out of the oven)

Sophie and Jeremy were our hosts, we were designated a dish each and emptied our wardrobes for any pieces of white clothing.  I soon realised apart from a few jumpers I really don't own any white, and winter is not the time of year to be wearing a floaty white cotton sun dresses!  So I quickly whipped up a white 1/2 circle skirt and Jill lent me some white stockings, along with my white jumper, white clip on earings and white vintage snow fox fur collar I was set!

Sophie and Jeremy had a very dreamy set up, white lace tablecloth, white candle holders, white flowers and Phileus the Siamese fighting fish to break up the whiteness a little


Appetisers were Sophie and Kelly.  Sophie made calamari and fennel salad and tzatziki dip, with lots of Baker de Chirico bread of course.  Kelly brought a fabulous selection of cheese.  Is there anything better than cheese???
Hard goats cheese, cheddar and oven baked Camembert.

Caroline had the main course, roast chicken in a coconut, noodle and enoki mushroom soup, infused with chili, and lime - Yum!
Esther made a delicious salad to accompany with celeriac, fennel and almonds

We can't forget bevrages... we had white wine of course and a 2 ltr bottle of Saki, all of which was consumed.

I had desert so made a cassata, a sponge lined cake filled with mascarpone and ricotta cheese with mixed nuts, fruit and chocolate.  Topped off with white chocolate leaves.

The white party was a definite success!  What colour will be next?  Red, Black, Green……

I am looking forward to the black party though, lots and lots of Guinness!

Fuzzy Kelly in everyones furs at the end of the night

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