Monday, 2 July 2012

A top hat is always somewhat extraordinary, of course!

Bring back top hats I say!
I went to the Espy last Friday to see a friends band, The Happy Endings play their last gig in Melbourne before their tour around some of Easton Europe, enjoy the sunshine boys
Following this was Dirt River Radio, with the most perfectly polished quiff I have seen in a long time!  There was a great crowd with a lot of foot tapping and a bit of a sing along

Dirt River Radio and the perfectly polished quiff
The Hellhounds, rock'n the espy with a top hat
Last on for the night was the Hellhounds with their style of Retro Blues Rock, and the most amazingest top hat!
I love to see hats being worn and worn well, but its been a while since I've seen a top hat out and about.  And this was done with extraordinary style.  The band were fantastic too, I'm not usually a big dancer, normally preferring to remain around the edges unless a large crowd is in attendance to blend amongst… I did however find myself displaying more than just a slight shake of my behind
Needless to say I bought their album from itunes the next day and have been enjoying it daily since.

We also had to pop our heads into the beautiful Gershwin room to check out the Bon Jovi tribute band.
No offence to you Bon Jovi fans, we toned down our giggling after a few threatening looks from the die hard followers in front of the stage :)

One of the Radio Mexico cacti
Also making this icy winter weather warm and cosy, and I do mean icy ( I have learned my lesson about not wearing gloves while ridding around at 5.30 in the morning, the chilblains on my fingers are still going down! ouch!) is the new restaurant on Carlisle St, Radio Mexico.
Next door to the Galleon this little Mexican place is packed any night of the week.  Inside is warm and cosy but if you can only get a possi outside there's an open fire and blankets to snuggle under, rather romantic.
The taco's are a winner at $6 each, my favourites are the slow cooked pork and bean and the spicy pumpkin.  They come out of their own little taco truck like kitchen so the wait isn't long and you can order them as you go.
My friend Lib swears by the pork belly and the traditional style nachos are delicious!
Whilst coffee isn't yet available the spicy hot chocolate is a must, the thick, chocolaty goodness is well worth the $10 price tag.
I will be making many more visits thats for sure!


Don't forget to wear your gloves!!!

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