Wednesday, 8 August 2012

See You in Hell

Tonight we dine in hell, well, Hell of the North anyway

Last year, what was a beer bar, Lambs Go Bar, was renovated to reopen as Hell of the North.  Also the name of the bike race in the north of France from Paris to Roubaix, named for the difficult roads it travels, this bistro/bar has been named for the difficulties faced working on a heritage listed building.

The owners also run the Rose St Market.  Whilst I had a stall there for a period last year jokes were thrown around that in keeping with the tradition of the previous name, Lambs Go Bar, the new bar should carry a name like Pirates Go Arg…  It seems they didn't think so :)

I met my three lovely friends I used to work with for a really fantastic dinner.

Spiced Cider to start although it was a tough choice between that or the buttered rum… next time!

The food is all based around sharing, and has a European style.
We shared a charcuterie plate to start with chicken liver parfait, mixed meats, pork terrin, and so much onion Jam, I LOVE onion jam!

For mains we had slow braised Ox cheek with Celeriac puree, Cassoulet and Mushroom Gnocchi with sides of Potato Dauphin and Brussel sprouts in honey and almonds.  The meat was rich and amazing, the gnocchi was like soft little pillows of potato - just what home made gnocchi should be!  I make it all the time as my grandma did so its a dish I find I am frequently disappointed with, but definitely not this time!

The food is rich so very filling, but even when feeling close to bursting it was so good I could always squeeze in a little more and as always, definitely desert!

We shared a caramel mousse with quince and sorbet and shortbread crumble.  
We had no problem finishing it!

I love this place!
Branches scatter the room with little birds sitting amongst them and they have an intimate function room and smoking area - everything has been thought of

I can't wait to walk thru the yellow door again for a night in Hell

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