Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Circle Skirts

I LOVE circle skirts
They are so flattering on almost any body shape
They swish around your legs as you move making it hard not twirl around just a little when you think no one might be watching, and I have found them extremely easy to wear while ridding around on my racer, they stay down over your suspender stockings and fluttering behind you around the sides of the bike in the wind, kind of romantic really.

I have just added a lovely black, red and cream checked skirt to my etsy site, just in time for spring

I will be adding some lighter weight 1/2 circle skirts for the warmer months.  They are quickly approaching with the days getting longer, you can almost smell spring in the air, bulbs are flowering and jasmine will be blooming any day now!

So if you fancy the spring breeze fluttering your skirt hem have a think about at a circle skirt
I can also make these in a particular fabric and colour if you had an image in your head, just email me at: enquiries@byshelleygreen.com

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