Sunday, 20 May 2012

A bit of this and a bit of that...

I've been working on a few random things this last few weeks…

A while back a very inspirational, good friend was telling me about this amazing bag he had found made from rope woven together.
Graham is incredibly fit and active.  He has a roll at Jiu Jitsu at least 3 times a week as well as paddle boarding, kite surfing and a long list of other activities.  He is also the inventor and proud owner of the quickly expanding cereal Kapai Puku

Graham thought this amazing rope bag of his would be ideal for transferring all the necessaries for these activities around with him, but didn't want them to damage the bag so came up with the brilliant idea of lining it with sail cloth.

I've never sewn with sail cloth before and was definitely up for the challenge!

And this is the result….

I also attached a long leather strap with some of the rope detail from the previous handles I removed so it can be carried over the shoulder or across the body

I must admit I've fallen a bit in love with this bag and its massiveness, I could carry sooooo much around in it… really don't want to hand it back!

I've also been doing a little needle work.  Aside from the personalised babies bibs and patchwork dolls I make from time to time (random I know but they make for great baby shower presents) I embroidered a friend's shop name onto one of his woolen knit cycling caps (yep, even more random)

Malachi has a very cute and eclectic shop in Prahran called Northside Wheelers; purveyor of fine cycling wears.  If bikes are your thing, and not just super tight lycra, pop past and have a look, he carries some very fine gear along with an ever changing, always well composed widow display!

So this is how the cap turned out…

Apart from these bits and pieces I have been back to my pattern cutting and sewing.
Aside from things to fill my own wardrobe I just finished this 1/2 circle houndstooth skirt for my very good friend.

There is just enough left over to combine with something else along with some creative pattern cutting and laying to make a little matching cape.  Very exciting!

Houndstooth so classy

Loved making this - don't be surprised if some clothing pieces start appearing for sale on my Etsy site, maybe even some with a tad of embroidery…..

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