Saturday, 24 March 2012

Wiley Red Fox

On Monday, my friend Emma and I jumped on the 96 tram to venture to the other side of the river to see the band Wiley Red Fox play their first gig for the year at the Old Bar on Johnston St in Fitzroy.
And they were fantastic!
They next play on Good Friday, 6th April at Bar 303 in Norhcote.  If you're free that night I can't recommend going along to see them enough.  You're guaranteed a great set!

Also amazing on a Monday night is the $1 tapas at Naked for Satan… yep, thats right… $1!!!
Hold out for the hot food that comes around though, especially the Gouda and green olive croquettes, YUM!!!!
 I'm still not convinced of the bizarre techno soundtrack they play there, but, you can't have everything now can you???

Maybe I'll see you at Bar 303 Good Friday….

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