Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Very Long Long Weekend

So much has been on this last few days!
Heres a little rundown…

We celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday on Thursday night, Happy Birthday Dad!
The family; Mum & Dad, my sister Lisa and her boyfriend Lucas and myself of course had a very delicious dinner at Bistro Thierry in Malvern.  Everything was amazing!  Beef tartare, Hapuka with Bordelaise sauce and I could not go past the Chocolate soufflĂ©!  Needless to say I went for a very long run the next day!
I'm not sure how impressed he was with the 3 day bike ride my sister purchased him but I think the winery tour and lunch for the Margaret river and the cycling book; Sex Lies and Handlebar Tape, from Northside Wheelers, went down quite a bit better.
Start cycling Dad, I'm not filling in for you!

Saturday was the lovely Regan's Hens day in the Yarra Vally.
The designated pick up was in the city at 9.30am.  Those of you who know me well know that I am always running late!  I just cant help it! Regardless of my good intentions or how early I pull myself out of bed things just never go to plan!
Luckily I found a taxi and was even able to stop for an always strong, hot coffee from Degraves Epresso, arriving at the designated pick up point with 5 minutes to spare.  I know! Can you believe it!

So off we went to 4 wineries, for lots of wine tasting, cider and cheese, cheese and more cheese!
It was a fantastic day, thankyou to all the ladies for making it so.  It was lovely meeting you all - see you at the wedding in April!
My never dull partner in Crime; the always mischievous, gorgeous Miss Sally 
Lovely Regan the bride to be

As much as I like a sleep in the weather on sunday was simply too amazing to stay in bed.  There was nothing else for it but to go for a run to the Brighton Sea Baths and swim a few laps around.  Whilst the first 20mtrs are a bit of a shock to the system with the cold water, I couldn't think of anything I would rather do on a sunny day with a perfectly flat bay… if only the water was like this on all those triathlon mornings hey Sally??? :)

Brighton Sea Baths

What better way to follow this than with brunch at St Edmunds with my good friends Lib and Cara then a touch of shopping.  Never one to say no to a bargain I acquired a beautifully soft black leather pencil skirt from Gorman, it was on sale - how could I possibly say no!???
All the best to Cara whose off to India this week!  Can't wait to hear about your time in the Ashram

Gorman Leather Skirt - ready for the cooler weather!

In millinery news this is the skeleton so to speak of a bridal piece I am working on for a wedding in the Philippines later this month.  Final photos will go up later this week…

I'm now sitting in the sun at Mum and Dad's all the way out in the south-eastern suburbs :) and of course visiting my Reece; the families 40kg Golden Retriever, although, he will always be mine.
At the age of 13 and with no control of the nerves in his back legs making walking a bit difficult he is still able to dig up the grass and rip Mum's plants out of the garden.

Have a fantastic 4 day week everyone!

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