Saturday, 14 April 2012

On A Kiss Of Wind She Sets Her Love Free

An afternoon with Jill

A few weeks ago I met Jill at her partners shop Red Ridder Vintage on Grey St in St Kilda.  More about this most amazing shop another time as it does deserve a post all of its own.
It is also responsible for nearly single handedly decking out my lounge and dinning room with beautiful 50's furniture, not forgetting my 60's Smiths starburst clock!

It was the last day of Jill's favourite artist's exhibition at MARS gallery on Bay St in Port Melbourne, so we jumped in her car and off we went.

Janno is an Australian artist now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Her current exhibition is titled 'Querido Alfredo' (Darling Alfredo), based on love letters from the 1920's she found at a flea market.
It's a very beautiful, touching collection of work.  Every piece is embroidered and embellished with fabric so as you view them you are constantly finding new little details that blend to making the pieces quite breathtaking.
These are just a few:

'Red Bird'
'Black and White Dress'
'Riding Duck on a Transparent Wind' 
Also exhibiting at the gallery was Grant Cowan.  His beautiful A4 fashion illustrations are all of very elegant Chanel and Dior gowns and outfits from the 50's thru to 80's as well as some very richly painted larger pieces.  These were 2 of my favourites:

From here we popped into Empire Vintage located in the old doll's hospital in Albert Park.
The shop is on the small side but completely jam packed with everything from buttons and fabric, old post cards, furniture, jars and containers and clothing.  I managed to just squeeze into an amazing Chartreuse yellow 60's silk dress.  It needed a fair bit of love and attention but its turned out good as new I think!  Only issue I had was the pearl coating on some of the large beads has flaked off whilst removing some old water marks, if anyone knows where i can get anything similar to replace them please let me know!!!

Beads prior to the pearl coating flaking off  

I have noticed of late a sign for a vintage shop whilst making my way down Beach Rd from time to time, however I have been unable to locate it, Jill had also seen this promising sign so off we set to find it and find it we did!
Global Retro on Mills St Albert Park covers all your basses for anything Retro you may be looking for!  Tiki mugs, genie bottles, starburst clocks, lamps and furniture, it's one 'wild' little shop as Jill would say.

Otherwise in the world of bridal headwear, the 'epic wedding veil is well underway with crystals and pearls currently being added… 2 weeks to go Regan!

Which means I must get back to beading this veil and headpiece so I'm not still frantically beading in the cab on the way to the church!  It is possible….

Only joking Regs you'll have it well in advance! I promise!!!

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